"Measure what can be measured, and make measurable what cannot be measured. ”

-Galileo 1615



Got Hormones?

Carr Cellular Fitness is excited to offer various hormone and other blood tests that are important for anyone to know, especially athletes. These tests are not offered in order to diagnose any medical condition - that requires a medical evaluation including a visit to a knowledgable physician. Rather, this service provides access to laboratory testing of hormones and limited other tests in order to empower you with information you need to know about your body.


"There was no way I could have gotten into this shape to compete at the Arnold at age 54 without frequently checking my blood and optimizing my levels."

Dr. Carr, Founder - CARR Cellular Fitness


Many individuals find it difficult, if not impossible, to get these necessary blood tests through their primary care physician. Carr Cellular Fitness believes that you have the right and the obligation to know where your levels are at in order to compete optimally and safely. Testing is therefore recommended for any athlete interested in knowing if they are producing optimal levels of hormones, in addition to  detecting signs of excessive training and wear and tear, which is not uncommon in many athletes.

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